What we do, Who we are, Why we do it

Daughters Of Cambodia empowers those trapped in the sex industry with a route out, through offering jobs and skills training along with recovery programs. 

We train girls (and a handful of transgender sex workers) in jobs that provide transferrable skills. We operate social enterprises to provide jobs and skills and also to generate income to cover our costs. The products you are purchasing from our shop are hand made by the girls in our social enterprise, and provide the means for them to escape the horrors of the sex industry. Thank you for your support!

We have a range of jobs available to girls; entry level jobs for those coming direct from the sex industry are Sewing factory, Jewellery crafting, Woodworking, Screenpringing, Barista, Wait staff and Spa skills. As they stabilise and gain skills, they are offered further jobs opportunities including  Chef, Stock Management, Quality Controller, Line Management, Cashier, Counsellor, Daycare nanny, and more.

Our recovery programs enable girls to learn how to thrive. We don’t operate a shelter, but empowerment programs built into the working day. As a result, they experience recovery from trauma, reduced risk factors and increased quality of life, avoiding NGO dependence. Programs target several levels of recovery; psychological, health, domestic, social, spiritual, cognitive, and financial. We break the cycles of risk for the next generation through our programs for children of sex workers. We also provide opportunities for them to learn the Christian message of hope and healing through Jesus Christ, as we are a faith-based NGO.

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